Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hananoki or Hanoiko?

Joe and I celebrated our unofficial anniversary yesterday. We left the munchie with our neighbors, Beau and Rachel, who are expecting their own baby girl :-) Then headed to Clarksville's Hananoki restaurant for sushi. Joe ordered these flowers as a special surprise for me... alas, they didn't make it to the restaurant until our meal was finished. I suspect that the butchering of the name of the restaurant on the tag might have had something to do with it? Joe and I joked that Hanoiko would be a Greek-Japanese place serving teriyaki moussaka or tempura in titziki... Well. The flowers were lovely. Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers and I really like the little inchworm-green mums and what girl doesn't like red roses. Also the square vase with marbled stones is very classy, don't you think? When the flowers die, I want to put some guppies or a beta in the vase. Haven't had pet fish in a long time.
OK, shifting gears. Let's eat fish. We shared a spider roll, "spring" roll with seaweed salad and dabs of sriracha on top and the volcano roll with spicey imitation crab shreds with torched edges. After dinner with perused Books-A-Million and bought another Leo Lionni book --Swimmy--for the Munch. I've been trying to collect them because Stephen really seems to gawk at the illustrations whenever I read them to him.

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Christina said...

the flowers are really gorgeous! i like the low height, full arrangement, and simple but bold color palette.. hahah can you tell i watch way too much top design??