Friday, September 09, 2011

Fujiyama in Clarksville

Hidden in a quiet commercial strip off Wilma Rudolph about 5 minutes past the heavily trafficked shopping area, this Clarksville, Tenn., sushi bar is a tiny treat. Both times I've visited, I've had my two boys with me. But even though my attention has been divided between stuffing my own and their two tiny gullets, I found the presentation to be pretty, the selection broad and the sushi plump and fresh.

Pictured above, special bento boxes with California rolls, teriyaki salmon and teriyaki tofu, xiao mai, crab rangoon and rice.The tofu was silken, but fried to a crispy, chewy crust on the outside, making it my most shared item off my box.

I can't remember the name of the sushi roll that looks more like a still-wet oil painting than food... but it was really good. Sorry. I'm writing this post about four months after the fact. Again, little gullets getting in the way of my goals as foodie and blogger...

Fujiyama on Urbanspoon