Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moody, but not very foody

Time to explain my 2 1/2-month hiatus.
Lately I have been very moody, but not so foody. I figured no one really wants to read about my exploits in crankiness or my complete lack of cooking, or even most days desire for eating.

Well, if you haven't heard... I'm 4 months pregnant. I've got afternoon and evening sickness. Can't stand the smell of hot sauce, fried things, vegetables, garlic, gasoline (not that I'd have to eat that!) and eggs.

I have been eating some things. And I do have cravings from time to time... like for pumpkin cinnamon rolls, which I made yesterday evening with an unusual burst of energy. I've been trying to ration out 2 cinnamon rolls per person per day so they'll last all week. Joe of course is seeing that I stick to my declaration.

Arizona outback

We went to Arizona from Feb. 8 to 11 to visit Nan and to soak in a little sun and seem some friendly cacti. Like this one, which we found while on a private Jeep tour.
Here's my mom, looking cute. Dad, tour guide Jim and Nan are in the background.
There was this little pink cooler sitting under Jim's seat the whole time. I assumed it was his personal snack.
Turns out it was a tarantula, which Joe insisted I photograph while he held it. Not close enough, he says.

Arizona food

First stop after getting off the plane: lunch at Lerua's mexican restaurant for some green tamales and horchata. The tamales were the right flavor, but unfortunately mine had a bunch of corn husk mashed up in it, making the texture seem like I was eating cream of wheats with a cup of shredded paper in it!

Horchata-- a mexican drink made from pulverized white rice, cinnamon and sugar. Hit the spot! Notice my small, dad's medium and Joe's large horchatas.

Another meal we had was at a Japanese buffet.... we got there about 15 minutes before the buffet was supposed to end, so we got all our food at once. Pretty good, for a buffet.

Very belated Timmons

Sometime in December.... all the way back in 2007, the New Era newsroom had a staff holiday lunch at Timmon's downtown. I wasn't entirely plussed with my meal, so I didn't photograph it. However, Danny Vowell was exceedingly happy about his Hot Brown.