Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paducah produce

Paducah's farmers market is awesome. We visited last July when my folks and Joe and I met up there before I had Stephen. I bought a white pattypan squash and it was delicious.... the same vendor, a very nice man originally from Syria, was at the market and had lovely produce again. ...And one giganto pattypan sitting atop a bin full of little dark green acorn squash. It was the only pattypan, and I didn't see a price for it. I scooped it up, like a treasure, and asked him how much.

For that? Just take it, he replied. He said that he'd been trying to sell it for two weeks :-) Mom bought three acorn squash for a dollar just to give him some business. He said he was opening his own farmstand in Lone Oak and will have someone else man his farmers market booth.

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