Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paducah Barbecue Festival

It just so happened that the time mom and I picked to meet up in Paducah is the weekend of Paducah's big bbq festival. It took up the entire area from the parking lot where the farmers' market is all the way to Broadway. Stephen slept as we strolled around. We sampled Buzzard Brothers pulled pork sandwich as well as Larry Daryl and Daryl. Both were good, but mom and I felt that Buzzard Brothers (which had the longest line of the dozens of booths there) had a smokey-er sauce, softer bun and more tender meat. Larry, Daryl and Daryl (pictured below), though they also had been recommended and had a good crowd, was slightly less saucey and had too many big chunks of meat that made it a little difficult to eat the sandwich.

A lady at the farmers market recommended this catfish and hushpuppy kebob from the Christian radio station booth. She was right, it was very good. I normally don't like hushpuppies, but these had a nice green onion flavor.

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