Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paducah picnic and sushi

Stephen's first "vacation" to Paducah included many yummy meals. Well, at least for me and Grammy Tilsch. I can only hope Stephen enjoyed them too.Thursday night we had seaweed salad, caterpillar roll and spider roll from Tokyo Sushi restaurant near Sam's Club. I really like the way they make their seaweed salad, with green onion and sesame and several different types of seaweed.
Stephen slept while we gulped everything down.
And then Friday we had a picnic at Bob Noble Park ... the kind of place Hopkinsville should have, but doesn't. We ate smoked chicken from Buzzard Brothers under the big pavilion along with slices of buttery sweet bread from Kirchoff's bakery and vinegar slaw. We also had grapes, brownie and red bell pepper slices.

Stephen didn't sleep, but he was relatively content.

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