Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chicago Style Grill

On my last day of work, Niecy, Tracey and I went to the new Chicago Style Grill in the old Skinny's building on the boulevard.
Here are Tracey's excellent photos of our meals.
Tracey had the Chicago dog... My dad said we should have asked if they use Vienna beef. But the toppings seem fairly authentic. Don't know what I think of the neon relish though :-)
"Chicago" burger. Guess that just means a burger with chicago hotdog toppings.
Mine was the eggplant parmesan sandwich... but I think they gave me lasagna on a baguette instead. It was tasty, but a little odd not getting any eggplant in my eggplant parmesan.

Mom and I went back to the grill for lunch the other day and I ordered eggplant parmesan again... there was actual eggplant in it this time!


teddy higuera said...

Hey Emily! When are you having your baby??

BTW, I don't like it when they put eggplant IN my eggplant parmesan. I prefer roast beef.

Anonymous said...

You can see a baby,coming soon.
Every day hot and muggy,take care.

Moody Foodie said...

Hey Teddy,
Yeah, I WAS having my baby at about the time you asked.

I still have to try the roast beef.

Hi Saya!
Such a pleasant surprise. I miss out cooking/English class!