Saturday, August 16, 2008

Playing catch-up

I've been gone much longer than I intended. And probably a lot of you thought it was because I was busy having a baby. But I'm still pregnant! My last day of work was Friday (not yesterday, but the week before) and my folks have been in town since then. But dad went home Thursday to tend to things at home and in his garden where chinese mystery melons threaten to cover the house in tendrils.

We've been eating well...
Caprice salad from the garden, using lemon boy tomatoes and basil.

Also makes a mighty good open-faced sandwich.

And all the garden eating has been fuel for home improvement projects. Here's dad and Joe putting up bookshelves in our living room/Joe's new office since he got bumped from the nursery.

Speaking of nursery... I'm making a mobile. Here's a sketch of the critters.

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