Friday, March 14, 2008

New restaurant, new car, new news

Last weekend Joe and I drove up to Effingham, IL, to meet my parents for lunch at Firefly restaurants. I had the massaman curry noodle bowl, which was big enough to provide two meals of leftovers. We also gobbled up a "hummus snack" appetizer... the pita was warm and tender, the veggies fresh, the hummus thick and homemade, and the tiziki and swedish mustard were really nice touches. We all really liked the Swedish mustard with the hummus. Sorry, no photos of that, we ate it too fast.

The reason we met up with my folks was to get our new car... a 30th birthday present from my very generous parents. Having a second car has already been a great blessing because even though we work at the same place, it always seems we need to go in two different directions.

One of the places we took the car to was the doctor to get my first ultrasound. So ...the first Parrino baby is a boy!
Here's some interesting grainy photos. A little scary, but I like the open mouth picture (already waiting for his first real taste of something) and his little foot.

Oh, and of course we brought back lots of goodies from the chicago burbs. This is a cinnamon loaf from Jarosh's bakery.


Ditaur said...
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Rachel said...

WOW! A baby boy! Congrats, Emily! :) Boys are so much fun. I want to see a picture of you with your little baby bump!! :)

Fenridal said...
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Candace said...

Hi, Emily,
We are very happy for you guys that God is giving you a baby boy! Congrats again ~~
I am glad that you like the book I sent you. Don't forget to remind Joe to read with you, so he can be somewhat prepared to be a dad soon!
Peace ~~