Saturday, November 10, 2007


Last night Brenden and Jennifer took us to DiFabio's in Madisonville. We've been talking about going since maybe last year! It was well worth the wait, and it was a good way to end the "wheat fast." On that night's menu: We ordered bruschetta and the Couchmans ordered mozzarella sticks. Of course we all tried some of each. The bruschetta really had a strong basil taste and the garlicky flavor also came through. The mozzarella sticks were just as they ought to be, with a chunky marinara sauce for dipping. We also had soft breadsticks (which I dunked in the left over bruschetta topping) and a very good family-style salad with house Italian dressing. It had little chickpeas, olives, peperoccinis, tomatoes, onions and croutons. Joe and Brenden both had the toasted ravioli, Jennifer had the manicotti and I had the angel hair with pesto and a big meatball on top. Little Emily Couchman ate a fruit cup and a box of raisins before joining us as we split desserts. Couchmans tried the pumpkin cheese cake, while Joe and I had a canoli with a teeny cup of dessert wine (which I thought tasted like robitussin, but kept sipping anyway). Notice, everything I just mentioned had wheat in it. And most of it had dairy. But I'm still alive to tell about it, so I guess God, through my intestines, had mercy.

DiFabio's also has a very nice atmosphere... red checked table cloths, warmly lit by candles. A cup of crayons to doodle on the butcher paper covering the checked tablecloth. One wall covered in colorful crayon drawings. Friendly staff, and very fast service. (Almost too fast, I felt like I was wolfing everything down! Oh. I guess I was.)

Looking forward to our next trip there. :-)

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