Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tanzanian dinner

Time spent with our friends Ryan and Emily Chappalear is an adventure. The two founded a mission (African For Jesus) to train native missionaries in Africa to reach the unreached villages in Tanzania and beyond.

Emily slaved over a hot stove Saturday to make us an authentic meal of ugali, chapati, stew and salad (you have to say 'stew' and 'salad' with a Tanzanian accent). We ate with our fingers... and I got plenty of ugali stuck in my nails and plenty more into my tummy. Though I had never tried African food before, I must say it has quickly jumped high on my list of comfort foods.

Emily said that when you've been walking miles every day in Africa, you crave the feeling of a stomach full of ugali-- a finer textured version of grits, with less moisture. The corn-based staple is used to scoop up savory stews and reminded me of cream of wheat.

More about this to come after I write this month's food column.

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The Nahid Family said...

This looks yummy! And looks like you all had a great time!