Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ecuadorian potato cakes with peanut sauce

I'm a little hesitant to disclose I subscribe to Gourmet magazine. I can tell from the publication's advertisers that most people who subscribe to the magazine (1.) have a large disposable income (2.) live in big cities where ethnic ingredients are plentiful (3.) know how to really cook. Please don't think I'm any of the above. I just really like to eat good food... or even imagine eating good food, which is what Gourmet allows me to do.

(Restoration House girls might notice this is what I was doing 2 minutes before I was supposed to be at O'Charley's.)

I've been getting this magazine for several months now (it was a birthday present from the huz) and this is the very first recipe I've ever actually attempted from it.
Having said all that, it didn't turn out quite as I imagined the image on that glossy page would taste. My version wasn't horrible... and I've never been very good at frying, so I can't expect it to be as good as I imagined it should have been. :-)

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