Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ravioli salad, but not quite

I know this is a rather handsome salad... but I have to confess I got it all wrong. I was craving a perfect replica of the salad Joe and I split our first evening in the Hood River Valley in Oregon. That salad had toasted tomato basil ravioli that were the perfect balance of crunch and give-- not so crunchy as to slow down devouring the salad. The ravioli I used were in the refrigerated pasta case... and they were on sale. I sprayed them with olive oil and broiled them in the toaster oven, flipping once, but a few seconds too late. Mine came out crunchy, but almost sharp on the edges...and after a while they became chewy. The "four-cheese" filling was not exciting at all.

The original salad was tossed in arugula... Kroger didn't sell it, so I bought spring mix, which sometimes has arugula in it. This one didn't. It was all bland greens with a few sprigs parsely and cilantro... not the spicey flavor I was hoping for.

My tomato was flavorless. My avocado smelled OK, but wasn't quite ripe. And the cheese in the Oregon salad was fresh mozzarella. I got confused and bought clearance goat cheese with basil and garlic... It was probably the tastiest thing in the whole salad, but I think I would've liked it better on pizza.

All in all, it was a pretty failure.


Anonymous said...

From here it looks wonderful. Thank you for taking a picture of it.


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