Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mt. Hood eats

Joe and I felt a little too well-fed after our stay at City Bible College. I didn't think I was hungry so we decided to split this ravioli salad for dinner at the Hood River Hotel's restaurant, Cornerstone Cuisine. My appetite rallied once the server set the dish on the table. It was the first time I ever had a salad where crunchy ravioli served as croutons. Big slices of ripe avocado, chunks of goat cheese, lemon and oil covered a bed of arugula, one of my favorite salad greens.

The ravioli were filled with tomato and basil.

The region surrounding Mt. Hood is called "The Fruit Loop," home to many orchards and berry patches (and lavender farms and alpaca ranches.)
We enjoyed $0.99/lb rainier cherries and donut peaches.

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