Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hiking Hood, huckleberry ducks at Trillium Lake

Wednesday morning, Joe and I hiked past the treeline up Mt. Hood. Here's a pretty handsome shot of my huz. The view of snow, rock and wildflowers was breath taking, as was the elevation. After a winded walk at 7,000 ft. above sea level, we drove down to Trillium Lake. That hike was equally gorgeous, but much greener. Near the end of the loop trail, we heard the soft whistle of a duck. She waddled toward us and looked at me from one eye. Joe pretended to give her something and she bobbed forward, hopeful, but confused. Huckleberry bushes lined the lake, and though Joe and I found them a little tart, I thought maybe the duck would appreciate them more than the imaginary food. I was right. Soon about five ducks gathered around me, edging closer and closer to snap up the round berries.

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