Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cannon Beach, Pizza al Fetta

Powdery sand, icy waters, rugged formations and tide pool fauna made this beach an adventure.

Vivid blue hydrangeas (my favorite flower) seemed to be in every beach house's yard. I used this flower for my wedding bouquet. As soon as I have my own yard, these babies are going in.
Pizza a' Fetta was our last restuarant dinner in Oregon. We split a small pizza-- half Thai Chicken, half Artichoke with Goat cheese. (I'm a big fan of goat cheese) The Thai half tasted like a sweet curry sauce, the artichoke side more traditional. Pizza a Fetta's got great topping combinations and perfect crust. Somewhat limp in the middle, so the flavors of what's on top can shine, tender and crisp around the edge. Not greasy or tough.

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