Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dinner in Champaign

The new restaurant set to fill the Bart's building in downtown hoptown is scheduled to open at the end of summer... but the new owners still haven't pinned down their menu. So since it is unlikely they will open a Thai or Japanese or even a good Chinese restaurant there, I have another idea: Za's.

It's fast-Italian DIY pasta, salad, pizza and panini. It's casual, but not like the chains. In fact, I'm pretty sure there's only two locations, and they're both in Champaign. Joe and I had dinner there friday on our way back to Chicago for an extended weekend to visit with family and eat as much good food as possible.

I ordered pesto tri-color rotini with spicy chicken, broccoli and mushrooms. Joe had the pesto pomodoro panini. Alliterative and delicious.

But back to the case for opening a Za's-like restaurant in Hopkinsville... The town has no Italian restaurants... which in my book is just a crying shame. We could really use a good sit-down restaurant that has snappy service and allows diners to completely customize their meals.

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