Wednesday, June 06, 2007


When we were living in Taipei, Joe and I brought our lunch with us to work (we also had over an hour for lunch, with a built-in nap time that was strictly enforced.) One of the dishes I liked to bring was my own version of temaki-- or sushi handrolls. My version included things I liked: omelet strips in rice vinegar, imitation crab, cucumber sticks, pencil-thin asparagus and other veggies like sprouts. The weird part about my temaki is that I don't use rice-- which sort of makes it not sushi. But it tastes good with sushi rice as well. I'm just lazy.

My mom brought me some packages of seaweed sheets when they visited... so I felt compelled to make my rice-less temaki.


Rachel said...

mmmm...looks yummy!
of course, i would have to dunk mine in soy sauce...

i've never made my own omelet strips. is it easy?

Tina said...

I love the pictures you take! Are you a professional photographer? And the food looks so yummy! I love the grasshopper picture too. Hope your week is good!

Emily said...

Hey Rachel! Omelet strips are very easy. I just beat some eggs, pour about 1 egg's worth in the non-stick pan, let it solidify, then fold in half, flip for a few seconds. Then transfer to a plate to cool, then slice it in strips. :-)