Sunday, April 15, 2007

Suko Thai

We were thinking to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel after we got back into Nashville last night, but then we spotted this quiet little Thai place. I was a little leary. Only a few cars in the parking lot. Dimly lit. And... the building was connected to a go-cart track. But when we got out of the car, my nose told me it was going to be good.

Joe ordered beef chow fun (I know, sounds cantonese. But it was thai style) and I had the Thai Pacific noodles with mixed veggies. The menu said it was the most exotic noodle dish. I think they just didn't know what else to write, because it seemed pretty much like stir fried Shanghai noodles to me... but it was tasty.

The atmosphere was also nice, but dark. I took this photo by placing my camera on the window ledge behind me and using my remote control and a several-second long shutter speed. Will someone please invent a tripod that lets you pivot your camera 360 degrees so I can take better restaurant food shots?

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