Sunday, April 15, 2007

Airport food


was a very long day for me. I didn't sleep well in anticipation of the day ahead. Got out of bed at 5:30 and went to work at 6:30. All day, I had the most awful case of heartburn-- something I've only had maybe 2 other times. I got out of work a little before noon, then rushed home to tie up loose ends before driving to Nashville, where I eventually caught my plane. That flight was delayed several times. I was anxious to get up in the air because I had a connecting flight out of La Guardia, and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck in New York all night. My stomach was growling, but I was scared to eat. American Airlines no longer gives any kind of food... not even pretzels. So by the time I got to New York I was ravenous. Nashville had a BBQ place and fast food. But New York had a kiosk with deli wraps and pad thai and vegan sandwiches. Despite the heartburn, I bought an Italian wrap. Though I had to exfoliate the dried out first layer of tortilla, this thing was pretty darn good. And even though it had tomatoes, roasted red pepper, pastrami, lettuce and provolone... my heartburn went away. How does that work?

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Rachel said...

"exfoliate the dried out first layer"...that is SO funny, Em! I am laughing at your choice of words. Very clever. :)