Monday, February 05, 2007


I'm 29 today. So in the interest of staying alive for as long as possible, we celebrated with a Viking "Superfoods" class. Why, you ask, are avocado temaki, sweet potato fries and shitake, Asian greens and Salmon with coconut lime broth considered Superfoods? Read on.

Well, the official answer is they are made of unprocessed ingredients brimming with antioxidents, nutrients, essential fatty acids, fiber and the like. But I think another answer is that they look like the rainbow and taste good enough to make you wish you had two stomachs. When it comes down to it, though, it's just really fun to say "superfoods" -- or "supa-foodz" if you're from Boston, like our chef-instructor Dave.

This class was different than the Thai and Moroccan dinner parties Joe and I took before. It was smaller and more laid-back. It was also great fun to watch my parents. See what I mean?

I attempted to learn some new skills such as: Zesting a lemon better than Rachel Ray, zesting a nutmeg nut like Rachel Ray, Slicing and dicing just about everything with a ceramic knife (which, looks like plastic annd costs $80), and rolling sushi.
I avoided cutting off any extremities and kept my index finger safely off the top of the clever blade.

We were giddy with excitement nearly 3 hours later when we finally got to chow down.

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Guy Uechi said...

Hi Emily,
It's Guy. Seeing and hearing your blog sure makes my salivary glands active.