Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Food at work

The newsroom is very good at coming up with good reasons to eat good food. Melinda and George's baby shower was our excuse today.
Jennifer wowed us with her cheese grits, strawberry cheesecake, and country ham and biscuits. Michele made a carrot cake so George wouldn't have to eat cheesecake.

I made a "superfoods" white bean and caramelized onion dip:
1 can cannelinis
juice of 1 lemon
1 yellow onion (caramelized)
3 T fresh flatleaf parsely
salt and pepper to taste. All zizzed in the blender.

I like this picture of Rachel. She made a vegan greenbean casserole, which made my tummy extremely comfortable. Mary D provided the brownies. I didn't eat any of the cheeser creamier desserts. But my eyes enjoyed gobbling them up. Aren't they photogenic?

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