Sunday, January 21, 2007

Looking forward

Last week I had another food column.
Though it seems like I've been disinterested in blogging lately, I have high hopes for the future. Over the weekend Joe and I had our new neighbors, Taizo and Sayaka, over for hot pot. Saya has promised to invite us over for home made tempura :-) On Sunday we met a couple from South Carolina who have founded an organization called Africa for Jesus. They have lived in Tanzania and have a few favorite African dishes... which they promised to make for us when they move the AFJ office and their family to Hoptown. :-) Visions of crunchy fried veggies and ugali dipped in something tasty have been filling my head ever since. And in the very near future, my parents, Joe and I are going to take another Viking cooking class called "Superfoods" for my birthday. The idea is tasty dishes using foods rich in nutrients, omega-3s and antioxidants.

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Rachel said...

Oh, Em, I hope I can get online and read your Baklava article! It looks fabulous!

Homemade tempura? Awesome! Take lots of pictures!

Remind me---which day is your birthday? I have something to send to you...I've been meaning to send it to you for a long time, but I've been waiting until I actually arrive in the States, which will be in less than 3 weeks!
So send me your address sometime!