Monday, October 30, 2006

Bird Quiz

Just kidding. I'm going to limit the fun to the food quiz (see yesterday's post if you missed it.) But, really, if you know what kind of bird this is, I'd love to know. Right now I'm guessing a Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus). But I really don't know. It seemed about the size of a very large red-tailed hawk.
EDIT 5-29-07: Now I'm thinking it looks like an immature Bald Eagle... what do you think?

Joe and I have kind of taken to bird watching since we lived in Taiwan. These photos were taken in Land Between the Lakes, where we went hiking Saturday.

In other bird news, I heard a blue bird's soft, low chu-do, chu-do as I was walking to the mailbox today. At first I just thought it was a distant mockingbird mimicking the sound. But then I looked up and saw a flock of three bluebirds flying in the familiar flap a few seconds, swoop a few seconds pattern. They were talking to each other as they flew. Adorable. If you'd like to get a proper dose of bluebird, click here.

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Hi, Emily! Looks like you and Joe have a nice life there in the States. I will definitely have to share your food blog with Liz. She will probably want to pick up some ideas from you, since we are very into Indian and Middle Eastern foods (well, really ethnic foods of all kinds... she cooks and I eat and clean-up!)