Sunday, October 29, 2006

Food Quiz #7

What is it?
What healthful ingredient did I add?


Rachel said...

some sort of rice flour tortilla?

healthful ingredient: whole wheat flour?

teddy higuera said...

but hopefully you washed it, numerous times, first!
i miss all you guys. i am sorry i didn't see you yesterday, my parents were in town and i was showing them the house i'm going to buy. i'll have to show you guys next. it's official. i've signed the contract and everything.
i rule!
now for that dog...
btw, i just read your was funny. i'm sure the kne would have protestors all around if they thought some of your provocative foodie sentiments were those of the new era. hoptown hall would be packed full of ANGER!
(how was that for a guess? spinach!)

Emily said...

Rachel's down with the secret healthy ingredient. :-) Yes, I used whole wheat flower... and you can see those colon-cleansing flecks if you look closely.

But the food itself is still up for grabs.

Teddy-- now remember what I told you: ONE new thing at a time. We can get you a stuffed animal dog as a house-warming present :)

Emily said...

Ugh. The copy editor wrote whole wheat 'flower.' I meant 'flour' of course ;o(

Julie Hartle said...

whole wheat crepes or naan?