Sunday, August 06, 2006

Paducah food

Last night we decided to check out Paducah's "Downtown After Dinner" a summer street festival of sorts. First we ate at d. Starnes-- a bbq joint that is connected to a quilt shop and an ice cream shop. We both thought we were ordering something we'd gotten before-- dry rub barbecue pulled turkey. Sadly, it was just lunch meat with some sauce. But the meal was redeemed. We each had a side of the Most Delicious Vinegar Slaw in the World. I can't quite figure out what makes this cole slaw so special... other than the happy fact that it does not have mayonnaise binding it together. This mix of finely chopped cabbage, onion, carrot and pickles has celery seed and dill seeds and the perfect oil-vinegar-sugar-salt combination. I put mine on my sandwich.

Joe gets his meal:

Joe ate his food very fast. 2 minutes later:

We were under the misimpression that many restaurants were supposed to be serving samples, so we had a small dinner. I did get a bag of popcorn- something I haven't had in a while. But other than that, nothing to keep our mouths busy.

While at d. Starnes, I over heard a server tell a customer that Downtown after dinner is ending a month earlier than usual because of a low turnout this summer. I have a theory about that. One, it's been triple digit temps all summer. Two, about half the street performers are so tone-deaf, they might be driving away the tourism.

Joe and I listened to 89.7 "All bluegrass. All the time" on the way home to cleanse our ears.


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