Sunday, August 06, 2006

Eggplant mini-burgers

Joe picked me 3 eggplants from the never-ending Morris vegetable garden out back. He informed me today that he only picked them for me, as he does not like eggplant. So the pressure was on. Before they were to become shrively in our defunct crisper, I had to make something with them. And eat them. has an eggplant burger recipe with a total prep time of like 15 minutes.

It instructs the cook to slice a medium eggplant in 3/4-inch slices, nuke on a plate for a few minutes until the centers are cooked, then pan fry in butter (for me, olive oil) until each side is toasty. Melt cheese over the "patties" and then server on a bun with all the regular hamburger fixin's.

I gather my eggplants were a far cry from "medium sized". So I cut bread into fourths and made mini burgers with onion, pepper jack soy cheese, dill, roma tomato, basil leaves, ketchup, garlic salt, and mustard powder. I stuck the bread quarters in the pan with the eggplant for a few minutes to toast.

It was pretty tasty. I guess I couldn't really even taste the eggplant. But it was a good excuse to eat all the other burger toppings.

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