Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Herb harvest & cornpeckers

I harvested some of my basil today just as some storm clouds were blowing in. All that basil went into the blender with some pinenuts, olive oil, garlic and parmesan cheese. The resulting pesto went on a pizza shell with some tomato slices and fresh oregano (also from the patio)

Turned out pretty tasty, but next time I'll add more tomatoes to level out the pesto-y saltiness. Joe enjoyed it.

While I was snipping the herbs for my patio pizza, I kept hearing this little tapping noise. It was breezy, so at first I just thought something was vibrating in the wind. But the noise persisted intermittantly .... and it seemed to be coming from the corn field. I had to inspect.

Here's what I found:

Apparently nobody taught him he's a woodpecker, not a cornstalk-pecker.


Rachel said...

That pizza looks delectable! And the saltier, the better! :) It looks like you made your own crust, too...I'm impressed!

I actually brought back some Jiffy pizza crust mixes to of these days, I need to learn how to make real pizza crust!

Emily said...

Oh, no, definitely not my own crust. I've yet to be able to get any recipe with yeast to work out! I buy the Kroger crusts that are pre-made. They have little holes in the center... kind of like White Castles.