Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finn's Island Style Grill Food Truck

Just cuz it's a food truck doesn't mean this is fast food. Again, Joe and I were beyond starving with two crabby nap-needing children in the back seat. Again, the food took longer than expected. I noticed that in PCB, it seems that well-known customers get served first, even if they breeze in after tourists have been waiting several minutes for their food. Perhaps I'd be more forgiving, since good food should take time, but it was around 2 p.m. and the wait shouldn't have been so long, in my humble opinion.

I ordered the "Finn-tastic Wrap," which was basically an enormous fish taco with lots of romaine toothpicked together in a pleasantly chewy (at first) green tortilla. While I did really like the colors and textures of this meal, I didn't really think the grilled fish was that great. Perhaps it was too spiced up with sauce and I was craving more of a fresh, clean, sweet fish taste. Also, I couldn't finish the green tortilla at the end because my jaw got tired. But that was quite tasty.

Joe got the classic fish tacos. I didn't get to try any, but it appears to contain the same fish I had in my wrap with a crunchy fresh slaw, cilantro, lime, tomatoes and cheese on a corn tortilla.

On a side note, my gold standard for fish tacos is probably all the wonderful varieties we had in Maui back in 2004... or '05? Perhaps I just like my fish to be delicate and subtle. I don't want fish pretending to be red meat.

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