Monday, November 30, 2009

Buona Beef and Tensuke Market

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Joe, Stephen and I took our first flight to Chicago as a family. Stephen did really well... though he did guzzle about five sippy cups of diluted apple juice in a little over an hour. While we were there, Joe was stationed at a table representing Kuei Shan School for an international Christian school expo held at several Christiain colleges in the Chicago area. Steve and I were free to eat, play and chill out with my mom. We had sandwiches from Buona Beef one night... mine was a chicken artichoke pesto panini, crunchy and compact like a panini ought to be (in my opinion.)
Mom had the egg and pepper sandwich, only offered on Fridays (for meat-avoiding Catholics, I guess.)
We also all went out for dinner at Tensuke Market, a little Korean/Japanese grocery that has a casual restaurant in the back. I got the soba set, which came with soba soup, shrimp and vegetable tempura, california roll, fried tofu squares and salmon chirashi. Yum! This photo combines some leftover udon with one tofu square. Sorry, no photos from the original meal.

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