Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pantry Purge

It's not even 7 a.m. and I've already been at weeding the shelves of my fridge and cabinets for an hour.

6 a.m. found me wolfing the last wedge of Christmas pannatone, plucked from its oily paper lining, and washing it down with gulps of guava nectar. Goodbye refined flour. So long friendly little yeast. Adios, pure cane juice. Candied orange peel, 'til we meet again.

Three moldy mozzerella balls went on a trip down the Disposal. A forgotten hardboiled egg went down my gullet, minus the grayed yolk. One piece of dried mango, with its gritty coating of sugar, made it to my mouth, but the rest of the package is destined for Joe's lunch, along with chicken fajita filling and some Swedish cookies.

Why all this madness, and why at such an odd hour? I've got a deadline. All these things need to disappear before Sunday, when Joe and I join our church in a "Daniel Fast" --basically a vegan diet minus refined flour, added sweeteners, caffeine and other chemicals. There are a few versions out there, but our church has decided to allow whole grains, all fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, legumes and lots and lots of water.

Joe intends to follow the fast to the letter, but since I'm a nursing mom, I'll probably supplement with egg whites and maybe some fish for protein.

I've been cooking up all kinds of imaginary Daniel-approved dishes in my head these last few wee hour feeding sessions, and hopefully many of them will make it to your screen in coming blog posts.

As always, I'm going to trawl the world's cuisines for variety. I've got a taco salad in the works. There'll be lots of hummus. Hummus on potatoes, hummus in hardboiled egg halves (for me), hummus on crudites, hummus on whole wheat wraps and baked corn chips. Pineapple fried brown rice. Polenta. Portabellas. Pesto. Eggplant. Edamame. Temaki rolls. And TONS of tofu in all sorts of incarnations.

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