Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephen's 2-month party with Wongs and Tilsches

On Saturday, the day before Stephen's two-month birthday, we had a Chinese-style baby party at Smiling Buddha off of Golf Road. My parents have been ordering dishes not on the menu and eating their popular sizzling rice soup and chatting it up with the owner Mu-i for ... well... decades.
Stephen was well behaved as he made his rounds. My Aunt Susie and my cousin Christina are seen here.
sizzling rice soup, post-sizzle
Fish fillet with baby bok choy, peppercorn shrimp with pickled cabbage... We also had a soft tofu and beef dish, beef atop an oversized nest of fried mee fun noodles, beef chow fun (cantonese for wide rice noodles, not fried rice as it would be in mandarin), cashew chicken and lots of hot Chinese tea (not me of course, I avoid caffinating my already over-active son).
We had bakery goods from Chiu Quon bakery (on Argyle st. in Chicago) for dessert-- seen here are mini custard pies, flaky apple pies, red bean moon cakes. We also had coconut tarts and those chewy rice balls that are coated in sesame seeds, filled with red bean and deep fried. Mu-i also brought out "American dessert" of fortune and almond cookies.
Stephen enjoyed his pacifier.
Me, my aunt Susie's sister-in-law Sue Yee, my cousin John Tilsch, my grandma Marjorl Tilsch, my dad, mom, cousin Jonathan Wong, Uncle John Wong, Aunt Susie Wong, cousin Christina Wong,Cousin Richard Wong. My uncle Doug Tilsch and his gal Nilda met us at our house after the late lunch.
My cousin John Tilsch is a natural with Stephen... here they share a cute moment :-)

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