Thursday, October 09, 2008

On sale at Kroger

Joe is a sucker for the "Manager's Special" sticker. Well, OK, I admit I am too. But I think Joe tends to snap up unusual prepared foods on discount more often. Last night he bought this and three other Indian "Tasty Bites"

Stephen actually took a nap after his 10:30 feeding today, so I decided to try the curried spinach and paneer to get a quick dose of veggies. (Our frige is getting pretty sparse since we're about to go on a week's vacation)
I opened the box to find a metallic pouch that reminded me of one of my uncle Doug's MREs. The pouch contained the distinctive Campbells' Soup smell... you know what I mean... tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, italian wedding soup.. they all have the same weird but familiar smell. Once the contents were plopped into a bowl it didn't look very appetizing either.

But I nuked it for 60 seconds and it was actually very tasty. Hints of mint and maybe coriander and chili. But it really needed some basmati rice or naan or something to sop it up with. The paneer was quite soggy, like the softest kind of tofu. I felt like I was eating sauce, really tasty sauce, but still sauce for lunch. So into the refrigerator it went. I also feared that the chili might be too much for Stephen when he eats next :-)

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