Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cleveland eats

Grandma Giammo made this crustless quiche with spinach, mushroom and red pepper... I enjoyed eating a wedge of it on our trip from Cleveland to Chicago.
The Parrino clan met at Sara's Place (pronounced like the word car-a instead of care-a)in Gates Mill, on the east side of Cleveland. I had a california style turkey burger that stared me in the face for almost an hour while I fed Stephen and forked broccoli dipped in Joe's mussels provencal sauce into my mouth. And I didn't even drip on the kid. But once Stephen was done with dinner, I got to eat mine: an all-white meat turkey burger that was as savory and juicy as sausage topped with guacamole, roasted red peppers and alfalfa sprouts. I was in heaven.
For dessert, I split this cute pumpkin pie with aunt Sally. The crust to filling ratio was a little off. I would have rathered to have more pumpkin, less dough. Or if the crust was saltier or more sugary it would have been better. :-) Overall, Sara's Place had a great menu and an airy country ambiance.

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