Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More food from friends

I got very behind on thanking all those from Restoration House who brought us meals... and I'm afraid I didn't even get to photograph everything. Tina Nahid brought over a wonderful meal of Salmon Patties and broccoli (my fav vegetable) and a salad with homemade dressing. I was munching on those Salmon Patties for breakfast many mornings... I liked them A LOT. It was such a convenient way to get a dose of protein.

Deona Beasley also brought over a delicious meal with really tender barbecue chicken. I made a lot of grilled chicken salads with it.

The Martins brought over Papa Johns Pizza (Joe and my favorite) and Austyn and Jenny brought over a ton of food from a local Chinese restaurant... honey chicken, egg rolls, fried dumplings, steamed and veggie fried rice.

Then Brenden and Jennifer just gave us a hot meal of poppy seed chicken (sans poppy seeds :-) rolls and baked potatoes.

Kai blessed us again with a beautiful bounty from her garden.

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The Nahid Family said...

I'm glad you liked the patties! It was the first time I had made them that way, and my children and hubby really liked them as well.

I hope you are doing well! Little Stephen is just such a cutie. I hope he is sleeping better for you.