Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taiwanese pork chop noodle bowl

I did a fair amount of cooking yesterday, trying to use up some of our fresh produce and other foods in our fridge.

I found lowfat, low sodium ramen noodles that are baked instead of fried at Kroger on Sunday. I bought three packs... they're 49 cents each, as opposed to 20 cents for the scary fattening version. Of course they don't taste as good, but good enough that I'd buy them again. I've been wanting to make this dish out of my Martin Yan cookbook for a while, but even though it's supposed to be a simple recipe, there's a couple things that make it labor intensive: have to make the cucumber salad (which is actually a beansprout salad in Yan's version), have to make the marblized tea eggs (mine were just soy sauce eggs), have to marinate, dredge then fry the pork chops, and you have to make the noodles (the easiest part of all). I was going to make the dipping sauce, but I was really tired so I skipped it.

Once everything is made, I guess it's pretty easy to assemble for the next day's lunch, but of course the pork chops taste best when they're still hot and crispy.

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