Sunday, July 06, 2008

Paducah food

Tokyo Sushi

Last night we went to Tokyo Sushi, near Paducah's mall, before hitting downtown after dinner. I had the dragon roll and a seaweed salad (eaten too fast to photograph.) The salad was just right- vinegar sugar and sesame oil dressing coating a mix of thinly chopped seaweed, jellyfish and green onions. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and strips of nori. My roll was also good: eel, cucumber and avocado. Joe had a roll with salmon, avocado and cucumber and two flying fish roe. I didn't try them, though I wanted to, because of the risk to the baby. Mom and Dad had teka maki, udon and some other kind of roll... but I've forgotten what. We all enjoyed our food and it was fairly reasonably priced.
Yesterday at lunch we ate at Kirchoff's deli, attached to the famous bakery. Their portions are generous and they have quite a variety on the menu. I had a falafel salad.... the falafel was tasty, but not really authentic in texture. I thought the rest of the salad was kind of a dud: Really huge pieces of romaine, slightly red on the edges. One big tomato wedge and one big cucumber round and some dried out shredded carrots. Probably the tastiest part was the big bowl of feta, but again, since I'm avoiding the various bacteria carrying pregnancy no-nos, I didn't eat any. The yogurt dressing was kind of boring. I added lemon juice to it to give it some zing.
Joe and I split the salad and a portabella sandwhich, which was good, but salty and messy. The chopped mushroom and red peppers were cut too finely, so they were falling out everywhere.
Mom and I split a lemonade cookie, which was basically a very soft, fat sugar cookie with yellow sugar on top. I liked it, but there was the slightest taste of too much baking soda and not really any lemon flavor. Still, it was a good end to the meal.

Something I didn't photograph, but perhaps should have, is the mango Frutista Freeze from Taco Bell. Besides taking us on a tour of the entire shopping strip (Taco Bell is tucked behind another mexican restaurant and the sign is very hard to spot) and giving us plenty of opportunity to make fun of the rebel-group sounding name (we said the Frutistas must be led by Che Gauva-era) This thing is about 100 times more mango-y than the "Man-go Banana Smoothie" I got at Coldstone a week ago. Also, it has some real (frozen and sugared) strawberries on top. And it's only about $2. I'm going to look up the ingredients on line to see if it contains real mango, which I suspect. If not, the artificial flavoring food scientists really hit the mango flavor. OK, I tried to find out what's actually in it. Not really fruit juice, but "natural fruit flavoring." Couldn't find out what that was. Well, it tastes like mangoes... but it isn't :-(

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teddy higuera said...

Artificial mango scientists truly are the most advanced of all humans!


(I like your pictures and words!)