Thursday, April 10, 2008

Visit from the Waldals

Yeah, I'm horribly late, as in two weeks late, in publishing these pics from when Bryce and Emily came to visit us in Hoptown. They came on a Friday around lunchtime and then after eating Chinese dumplings, we headed to Coffee And... for dessert and drinks. Then we twisted their arms (idiom doesn't really work when you make it plural, does it) to stay the night so they could get up bright and early and have plenty of time to stop at the Cincinnatti IKEA before returning home to Cleveland.
Here's Bryce making a really rich chocolate dessert... just like the good ole days at Magnolia House.

And Emily, waiting patiently and working on their taxes.
she's not too sure what she thinks about me taking a picture of her with the pad thai :-)After eating dinner we trooped over to the New Era to bring Joe some dinner and dessert. We ate the super rich chocolate cakes in the KNE kitchen.

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