Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hot pots and cold, wheatless nights

Been eating a lot of boiled things in the fondue pot lately. This photo is from last week, but I also had hot pot tonight. I thought I would have been creating a lot of wheat-free baked goods...I have some recipes I created from the first time I went without wheat in Taiwan. But I never got around to buying the flours I needed to do that. So here I am, on the last leg of the no-wheat experiment, without having really experimented much in the kitchen. My sinuses, sadly (or happily) are no different. So Friday night I'm going to pig out of pasta... semolina wheat pasta.

Anyway, back to hot pot. If you want to make one, simply boil some leafy greens (cabbage and romaine are good) and some seafood- tilapia fillets or imitation crab sticks or fish cake from an asian market. Add corn on the cob or cut up sweet potato. Cauliflower, mushrooms and tomato also work well in the mix. I also like tofu, but I've yet to meet a Southerner who will touch this most misunderstood curd. For an addictive dipping sauce, I mix sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce and chopped garlic and green onions. But be warned that this will keep your breath stinky for a good 12 hours. So best to eat hot pot at night. Especially cold, wheatless nights.

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The Nahid Family said...

What are some of your wheat free recipes? I've got one for socca flatbread, made from chickpea flour. Have you gone gluten free or just wheat free? You probably need to be totally gluten free for your sinuses to be helped! Just a thought!