Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pears puttin' me in a funk

Relish magazine (the monthly tab insert in the New Era) had a recipe for "Pearfection upside-down cake" that promised to be the most moist, pear-y, caramelized-delicious-upside-down cake ever... The pecans and the layered pear slices are what sold me. I was hoping for something that was a cross between a pecan sticky bun and a pear crumble.

Boy, was I in for a rude end to my labors. While I had fun arranging the ingredients in my new cast iron skillet, I was so disappointed with the results that I decided not to blog the results.

The cherries overpowered with suffocating sourness. The sugar and maple glaze never crisped, but rather bonded with some rogue batter to form a loose network of soggy lumps. The cake base was neither moist nor flavorful... I couldn't taste the pears and my pecans seemed to be a little stale tasting, which I suppose is the fault of Kroger and not the recipe. I contemplated throwing the whole thing away.
Fortunately for my husband and his unprejudiced taste buds, I didn't throw it away. And when I noticed Friday that the thing was half-gone, I decided to set it up for a little portrait. But I'm not going to unleash the recipe.

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