Saturday, September 22, 2007

Livingston's Deli

Melinda, Braiden and I tried out Livingston's Butcher Shop and Deli today. The hotdogs, as you can see, are ENORMOUS! Mine is covered in sauerkraut, NY style. The kraut was very tangy and went terrific with the crunchy homemade potato chips which retained much of their potato-y goodness.
Here's what the hotdog looked like on the inside. The baguette was a nice and needed touch to support the copious toppings. (3.50, plus 30 cents for kraut)
I don't even like potato chips, but since this is one of their specialty, I had to order some. (75 cents for a big basket)
Braiden was giving me the guilt trip stare for not sharing. But, alas, he doesn't have any teeth yet. :-)

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