Friday, September 21, 2007

Leftover makeover

The lettuce from the lettuce cups was already starting to go red on the edges... plus it wasn't a very cuppy head to begin with, so I decided to turn the ingredients from that dish into something I used to eat at least twice a week in Taipei.

There was a noodle/won ton shop on the corner of the alley across from our alley. I used to swing by and wave to the cook who was always in the window facing the alley... I'd order the fat rice noodles with meat sauce and a side of boiled leafy vegetables. My favorite was the boiled romaine. Yeah, Chinese cook lettcue like any other vegetable.

To make this dish, I used the dipping sauce and the meat from the lettuce cups and stir fried it with a glob of oyster sauce and some sake and some sesame oil. I also added some onion and mushroom. I boiled fat rice stick noodles... then oiled them lightly. I also boiled the lettuce briefly and stuck that on the side. Then I stired it all together. mmm. not quite like I remembered, but then again, I was using ground turkey rather than fatty pork.

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