Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pepper Jelly

Taylor Hayes, the New Era's publisher, made this kicked up condiment from a bounty of habenero peppers. My personal experience with jelly making is limited to one ninth-grade botany assignment that produced a jar of wild violet jelly. I think it was mainly my dad who made it though... I remember it was kind of a funny color, but very nice smelling.

Taylor had some trouble getting his pepper jelly to set... but after a couple tries he struck upon a delicious (and firmly gelled) spicy spread. I enjoyed some on triscuit and wheat saltines with lite laughing cow.

That lump of tuna-salad looking stuff is actually salmon with dill, spinach, orzo and lemon. A sort of weird salad I thought would turn out much differently. It was helped greatly by the pepper jelly.

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