Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Food Quiz #?

OK, back by popular--er, absolutely no demand at all--- is the FOOD QUIZ! So, for those of you that are new to this, try to guess what this food is. And then be so kind as to leave a comment with your guess, which can be serious or goofy. Whatever you want.

Hints: My japanese neighbor, Saya, is the one who had this. It has a very strong flavor. A flavor that many people, including joe and my parents and probably others do not like.

(Edit 8.30.07: For the answer, click on the comments.)

Saya showed me how to minimize the strong flavor by stir frying it with soy sauce, an egg, tofu and miso. I wouldn't crave it, but I thought it was pretty good. Joe didn't like it, so I got to eat his portion too.


Emily said...

Hi. Just wanted to leave a comment to induce others to click 'comments' and leave their own.

Gareth, Vivian & Fiona said...

I'd say it looks like a ku gua, or bitter melon

Gareth, Vivian & Fiona said...

...if it is, I can confirm with Joe and the others that it tastes vile :-)
Yet they make milkshakes out of it here in Taiwan, if you can believe it

Emily said...

Wow. Gareth didn't take any time at all on that one.
It was, indeed, bitter melon. I've never had it in shake form, but I can only imagine how hard that would be to get down!

In Japanese it's go-ya.

Rachel said...

bitter melon was my guess, too!!! and I think it's gross.

Lisa said...

Can I just say that I guessed it was bitter melon before I read the comments?! :) Yes, the fruit is questionably good tasting at the most. I wrote an article about health foods for August that said something like "Bitter melon is good for you, but most people agree it doesn't taste good. Fortunantly, many health foods also taste good too! ..."

Anonymous said...

I was going to guess a pepper of some sort. I would have been wrong. But that's okay, I learned something.
When is the next food quiz?


G. Uechi said...

Is your neighbor from Okinawa? Her recipe sounds like "goya champuruu" - Okinawan stir-fry. It's my favorite.