Monday, May 07, 2007

Kentucky Coconut baked chicken

I had a brainstorm in the shower this morning... I had some coconut because I made some skillet granola. Also, I had trimmed those giganto chicken breasts from the chicken marsala down to a more manageable size, leaving me with probably a pound of chicken. I've also been going crazy with that Kentucky Sweet Rub I bought from Joe Wilson. Gathered all those ingredients together with one of the persian limes rolling around in my crisper... and I made Tropi-tucky chicken nuggets. I served them with corn and zucchini and big chunks of watermelon.

To make:
Cut chicken breast into bite-sized pieces
In a bowl, stir up enough shredded coconut, flour, and seasoning (mine is a barbecue rub of garlic, onion, sugar, cinnamon, pepper, salt and some mystery spices) to coat your chicken.

Spray a cookie sheet with no-stick spray. Dredge your chicken in the coconut mixture, then place on cookie sheet. Give it a spritz or two of oil then bake at 400 degrees until the coconut starts to darken, then flip and cook a minute or so until it looks done. Squeeze lime juice over the top.

It was a singular triumph for me because Joe said it didn't need any condiments.

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