Monday, March 19, 2007

The Wood Shed

Now for the people snacks. We wanted to take Tai and Saya to an authentic Kentucky restaurant. It probably doesn't get anymore downhome than the Wood Shed's barbecue "meat and three."
I chose mashed potatoes (good, but not homemade), green beans (my favorite southern veg) and fried squash with the smoked chicken.

Saya also had chicken. Taizo had the barbecue pork. They also thought their meals were photo-worthy. :)
Joe strayed from the pack and ordered a barbecue mutton sandwich with fries. I like the Wood Shed's veggie side selections, and their pink-tender smoked chicken. I'm not a big fan of their burgoo, and the little salty fried corn muffins-- served at most restaurants down here-- never taste fresh to me (anywhere.) This restaurant also teases numerous fruit and cream pies in a case behind the register. I've never had room to sample any of them, but my mom says their coconut cream is tops.

Edit 05/09: I love love love their chocolate chess pie and chocolate meringue... but an entire slice is too much for one emily.

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