Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A package on my doorstep!

Let me just take a few minutes to boast about how good the Lord is to give me such good friends who send me stuff!

And not just any stuff, mind you. Rachel Sawatzky, wo de hen hao peng you, sent me 2 boxes of Chocolate Chex!!! Hao che. I ate many boxes of this stuff when we lived in Taiwan. Now I'll have to ration it out... :-) Or hide it in my desk drawer....shhhh! don't tell Joe.

In addition to the cereal, Rachel shared some favorite recipes, the Sunshine Singer's recent CD, two bags of savory Asian snacks (which, incidentally, was going to be my next column topic) and a bunch of candy. This one is called "Crish" --- and I would say that's not, infact, because no one knew how to spell or pronounce "Crisp" --- but because they wanted to invent a new word hybrid between crisp and "delish." Which it was. Yum.

Green tea flavor. Tasty!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

OH, what fun! You blogged about the package! I am honored! :) And I love it that you love everything! (And that it made it to you intact)

And I agree...those Crish candies are good!

Glad it brought a smile to your face. :)