Friday, March 30, 2007

Biscotti: take 1

I followed a recipe in a "healthy" cookbook I bought at Caves bookstore in Taipei. Maybe I can blame it on the recipe... but these were THE most rock-hard biscotti of life. If you leave them soaking in a hot beverage for about 2 minutes, they become the consistency of pound cake. I did make some minor changes- the recipe called for cardamom, almonds and orange zest. I didn't have cardamon or zest, so I used vanilla and orange flower water. I don't think that would have made them any less like cement posing as a cookie. Will try again. Won't be posting said recipe.

Rachel-- I saw you sent me a savory cheese biscotti recipe, which I am eager to try.

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Rachel said...

Rock hard biscotti, huh? I've never even tried making biscotti. I confess that I stuck that recipe in the book and haven't tried it out yet. So if you do make it, I'm curious as to how it will taste.