Monday, February 19, 2007


After the Lord's table meeting, we tromped from the Union along snow-covered sidewalks to ISR. I'm posting my virtuous salad, but got full on turkey, bacon and dressing.
Our end of the table was talking about Chitzenitza and the Mayans... as Alison had just spent a semester researching them, and the Tans had gone to the Yucatan for a family vacation.
The other end of the table was having an animated discussion on picking out good cantaloupe.
"You thump it?"
"No, you shake it to hear if there's juice inside."
"So you don't tap it?"
"Squeeze it to see if it's soft."
"I thought you were supposed to smell it."
"No, look at the circle. If the circle is big, it will be sweet."

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