Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moroccan cooking class

Almond Baklava

It's got to be my new favorite dessert. Below, you can see me and my new friend Vivian rolling some "cigars" as our Viking chef/instructor called them.

Joe drove us down to Franklin, Tenn. yesterday after work for a "Salute to Morocco" class at the Viking Cooking School. In addition to the baklava, we made some intensely tasty lamb meatballs, and fall-off-the-bone lemon chicken tagine.

I learned a number of things this time to hold a very sharp knife, how to avoid getting splattered with hot oil, and how an expensive rubber spoon-tula can keep Ras al Hanout and onions from sticking to a saucepan-- thanks to our quirky instructor. To see more pics click.

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